How do I make a directory listing?

Go to the Food Australia Directory home page and click on 'Submit a listing'. Please fill in all the relevant details and upload a logo or image (must be a jpeg) or just type in your URL and click submit. Directory staff will review the listing and approve it so it will appear on the site. The process normally takes about 24 hours.


How many words can I write?

There is no limit to the amount of words you can write in your listing but keep it concise and to the point and it will be most effective.


When it says upload image – is that my logo?

The image can be your logo or a product if you wish. That is up to you as it's your listing. The file must be in jpeg format. The site will not accept any other file type (i.e. no pdf or eps).


When I get to the end it is saying I will be charged – but I’ve already paid for my listing.

Once you have submitted your listing the directory staff will check to see if the listing has been paid for. If not then they will issue you with an invoice in due course.


I can’t see my listing after I’ve submitted it.

Please be patient, the directory admin must be sure new listings are legitimate and contain factual and relevant information. Once it has been reviewed, unless there is some content that requires a follow up (you will be contacted about this ASAP) it will published and viewable on the site.


I can’t see my logo

Did you make sure it was a jpeg? If not, you can go back into your listing and reupload a jpeg and it will work!


I want to go in and change my listing, but I don’t have a password.

You can reset your password. When you joined the directory your welcome email contained your username. Please go to the log in page of the directory and click 'forgotten password'. You will then be requested to input your username and can click a 'send me a new password' button. This will go to the email address you placed in the listing. You can use the emailed password and reset to which ever one you prefer.


You may then go in and freely edit your original listing. If you get stuck you can always send us an email for help.